New ideas for text?



yo @liza, @meg, and @Rodrigo, @thomas (and others, too)
i have ideas for text.


we could change our text by turning it into comic sans, papyrus, 8 bit operator and others.


a new sound in the sound block, "text"
type something into there and it will say it out loud.
this could create tons of new possibilites for movies.


you can send words and projects to other hopscotchers, and recieve stuff. you can also report mean messages, or block people if they continue on.
the activity will be split into two parts, red and blue.
blue is for likes, follows, and remixes, and red is for messages and announcements.


Yep, that would do, @hopscotch_king...


I like those other ideas, but messaging can turn into cyber bullyin.g and other stuff like that.


you're right....
That could happen.


i said you can report mean messages


I have no idea what you mean!


you know you can report projects?
same with messages.


I know.

But still, reporting them can still keep on with their behavior.


edited to add a "block this player" suggestion


Actually, with special apps, you already can use awesome fonts! I love all of your ideas tho!


but not ACTUAL fonts.


1. Fonts: I think it would be cool. Not priority, def, but pretty cool.

2. Text-to-speech: this would be awesome! Like, talking to a robot. BUT, this would depend completely on Apple's API's and libraries. If they don't have one, it will be almost impossible for us to build one.

3. Messaging: this one in particular have different implications. Not sure if we want to split the Activity. In fact, our goal is not to split our app with more parts, but with less. That's the real challenge? How can you do the same tasks with less taps, less screens, less indications, etc.

I think that integration messaging into Hopscotch is something that, eventually, we'll do, but not to let communication among users, but in/out of the app. That could be cool, don't you think?


I like every idea except for the third one isn't that why we have the fourm?


but if you want to privately talk to a hopscotcher and send projects safely, then that's why there should be a messaging feature.