New Idea. Would it work?



I've had an idea to make Hopscotch more creative!
Please add your name if you think that this is a good idea!
@Strongerthanyou (this sounds awesome!)


I like it...however I'm logged out of my hopscotch account.


You can add your name, I've made it Wiki...


Ummm.... But artists also remix drawing pads! They must will make their own draw pads...

It's my opinion! :sweat_smile:


Pads are quite simple. Good point though!


Maybe for every non-remix project you make, you can remix 2 more projects? For example, if you had made 20 non-remix projects you could remix 40 projects.

Also, I can't add my name to the list, I'm not a member


Remixing was made so people could change/fix the code in other's projects–I don't think there should be a limit to remixing. Also, what @DMF said. New Hops can also improve at coding by remixing, in a way.


Good point, it annoys me when someone remixes my game and titles if 'My new game, Tower' or don't make any changes. I don't think that there is a way that that could be stopped.


Would you like me to add you?


In my opinion, hate not a good idea because they could just make a project with a background and then remix without creativity.


Sure! That would be great


Yeah, maybe it has to be a project with at least 5 rules or something


Idk, like people above have said, people use remixing for drawings, fixing code, and also for publishing their scores in games. But I like what you're trying to say!


You should be able to remix your own projects


This is a nice idea.