New idea to help quitting/unknown hopscotchers


Hey guys, I look hopscotch and see all these unappreciated amazing projects, users, or drawings. Featured, trending and rising help, but even the hopscotch team doesn't see everything. So I think I'll make an account that shows amazing projects by unappreciated users. Maybe I'll favor artworks by commonly unknown artist. If you think I should do this or have ideas, or have one of projects you think should go on the account, comment. I really want to a me the community a better place, but I need help! I'm pretty sure I do this, unless no one says anything. I won't do it because I know the account won't help because no body will know it exists. Inspires by follow for like offical.


Any ideas for names for the account?


If you are really strongly motivated, as you seem to be, @JumpyJose, and if you have the time and the knowledge of how to do so, you could do something really spectacular. Kind of crazy: You could make your own YouTube videos of yourself playing with those projects or otherwise viewing them and offering your reviews of them, similar to what the Hopscotch team do.

Doesn't that sound fun? I can hardly think of anything that is more encouraging and thrilling to some people than to see their own work on YouTube with someone having kind things to say and clever enhancement ideas to offer.

What do you think? Do you know how to do that? I don't have a way to do it. My iPad is too old, and I do not own a Mac computer. How about you? Or anybody else? Or... everybody else? :slightly_smiling:


I would like to join! It can be called something like "Spread Kindness" or "Bring the Bling" (I have a friend obbsessed with bling its rubbing off!


MR*Artist is really good at coding!! Never really gets noticed though he is extremely helpful!


Thanks, I love those names. That's a great idea, but unfortunately I'm not allowed to have any social media accounts (hopscotch is an acception). If you want to help that'd be awesome! If you find any awesome unknwown project tell me the name! You guys are awesome for the help and the compliments! Thanks again!


People have too put in effort into their games, that is how I got my first project in Rising, and it is still. Be patient and it takes a while to make very good games. Sometimes the good games are the ones that have lots of code in them. I already have 9 different rules in one of my objects in a game that I am working on.


Maybe Amazects for amazing projects. And maybe feature Simple Programmer (OLD) because I don't think they were ever featured, trending, or rising and they coded things greatly, though their projects have quite a lot of likes, as in around 30, and they probably don't use Hopscotch anymore. Some things they did was create a Pong game and made a computer where when you dragged the top of tabs, they stayed in the same place as in not moving to the middle, but staying in the same "position", but moved around with your finger, about a year ago.


Thanks, I made the account, it's called Bring the Bling. It might not work since hopscotch is super slow currently, but I'll give credit to all your ideas and find the users you mentioned. Tell me if you've got an awesome project you want shared. Thanks, you guys rock!


I wish to do it, but my mother refuses.


It's real, guys, plz try to spread the word. Thanks!


I always scroll through trending looking for my projects. Sometimes I don't see any, but I still say I love Hopscotch Hopscotch is bae.
I would love to join!


Thanks @LotsaPizza, I'd love to have your help. Mostly I need to get the word out. Since you have a lot of followers, could you remix it? Thanks either way. If you know any awesome unknown artist or coders tell me please!


Can you check out my game GhostBusters? I'm really proud of it!


If you want, I could play the games you like on my YouTube channel.


Sure, sounds awesome, I'll check it out. If you did Do them on your YouTube channel, that ad be awesome! Thanks again!


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I do not get it can you explain what this is in simple English?


Well, gibberish is used at the end of short posts to fill up the remaining characters to mark it 20.


Here's the first video, start liking more games ASAP and I can do them right now on my video channel