New idea for the 'Change Pose' Block! Let me know what you think!



Hey, Guise!!

So, you guys know how there is the 'Change Pose' block?? Some people say it's useless unless you use it with HS characters, and some say it's no use at all, and some think it's completely useful. I have built this public poll for you guise to vote what you think on this block.

  • It's useful
  • Useful for only HS characters.... kinda useless
  • Completely useless


Votes are public.

But, did you think that was it??

Cause it isn't!
I think if THT adds in the ability to draw on your characters, morph them, or just anything fun to edit them with(and not just for the subscribers), so those who think this 'Change Pose' block is useless will have a lot more use for it! If we ever have this ability, to change the look of our characters, we can even set what 'costume' or 'pose' to give it! Let me know what you guys think in the reply section below, and what you think of the 'Change Pose' block the way it is now!
pls don't flag, this is just an idea, and a rating of the Change Pose block.




Also, this idea is based off of Scratch, I got the idea from the 'Change/Set Costume' block on there.


It's completely useless. As I use images, the characters are just ehhhhh bad

Change pose just makes them do different poses which can be used for nothing but looks. It's not even compatible with values, so what's the point.


Thanks for your thoughts! I don't think they're useless, I mean, it's just if you have the subscription they ARE kinda useless if you don't use the HS characters.


Can you use it for anything other that the hopscotch characters? Now that would be interesting!:slight_smile:


That's my idea, alright! I'm glad you like it!


I think we should be able to change their facial expressions, move many parts of their body,and change their angle.


I, personally, would like to have different pose stages.

For example, for one frame of Bear's animation, another frame, and another frame all gave seperate values (ranging from 1-3).

That would make the block a lot easier to use, and give it more potential, but it would be near-impossible to implement,

(Sorry if this seems like a useless adition to the conversation)


Nice thoughts, fren! (U aren't useless)