New idea for a block!(tell me if I should put it in this category)


Hm, true. Maybe like,

When___ is pressed for ___> milliseconds.


this is the best idea for block.


Thanks! :-D. I want it


The idea is not bad, but Kenlauescuadro had a good point about knowing when the block has been pressed for a certain amount of time. I think that it would be an improvement if it was worded like this:
When____is pressed for____to____milliseconds, do________
In other words, setting a range of milliseconds so that when the user goes a bit over or under, it doesn't matter.


Good idea! Though you could replicate this, it would be hard.


What do you mean by block.


A new idea for the coding blocks that we use :smiley:

As in one of these :slight_smile::