New idea for a block!(tell me if I should put it in this category)



I present to you, the
When ___ held for _____ milliseconds, do ____ block!!!
OK, it SOUNDED cool, alright? I know this is like the when ___ is pressed and you could create it manually, but it would be easy, convenient, and awesome!
Discuss this… Now!
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I like it! I don't see how you're supposed to do that manually. :wink:


Eh, with some fannncceee value stuff
Did u read the MOORREE section? insert Lenny face


Yep, I did. Congratulations on your 103rd day!


Thank you!
@XiaoMiaoMi I seeeee u


I'll make a tutorial on that. :smiley:


Cool idea, but I don't think it needs to be added. It's better for us Hopscotchers to do things ourselves then to be lazy with ultra convenient blocks (no offense) :)


It would be useful if it were added to subs.
Besides, we got and/or when's for free.
I wanted them as sub-only.


Actually, I reproduced this block here just today!

It's quite simple when you process how it works. :)


OK! Thanks! I guess we can recycle now?


Great idea senpai!!!


Great topic and great idea :thumbsup:


Senpai!? Tysm!!!!!!!!


No, this is still a pretty interesting idea! :D


Ok, thanks! :sweat_smile:


I think you can already do this. Like this:
- When __ "is pressed"
- Increase "timer" by one

  • When "timer" => X
  • (insert blocks here)

You'll need a couple of more blocks to start asking the game "is this tapped?", to reset the timer.


@Rawrbear made a tutorial like this too!

This would be more complicated though.
Thank you for replying!


Ahhhhh... I get it.
I haven't thought of any games that this block could be charitable to, but it looks like it could be awesome!


That idea is kinda bad (Not really "bad", just don't want to use the word I'm thinking), as how would someone know how many milliseconds they did press something. I know you could add like a text that would show that, but it doesn't show the real "milliseconds", like our iDevices do lag, and it delays the text idea.

tl;dr: Good idea, not understandable because no one can know how many ms one did press.

How to do "when pressed for milliseconds"

Hm, true. Maybe like,

When___ is pressed for ___> milliseconds.