New HS Update! What do you think?


Hey guys!
I got the new HS update and I LOVE it. I really like the new editor, but I admit to missing the old one. The update helped me get used to it and it was so much easier!

You can also report the glitches for the update here! :D

I am having problems liking. As in, it lags and doesn't always go through as a like.

  • It's happening to me, too
  • Idk
  • No, it's not


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Wait did they just add another update today?



It changed the editor! You should check it out!


Okay thx.
Now I need to delete it and redownload...


Here's the start:

And some stuff. :P


Only took me a minute:DDDD


So I just sent an email to Liza!

It took me forever because of Donald Trump emails every other message lol

I hope it gets fixed soon!!


I like it. Not much different. My only complaint is that I have a very hard time dragging blocks now. @liza @rodrigo can you fix this?


You can try to email them so they can get back to you quicker. :D


To drag blocks, slide sideways a bit. We made it a little harder to drag because sometimes you would be trying to just scroll the editor and end up dragging a block by mistake. Now you can press on the grippy icon and then move sideways to start dragging, then drag up or down.

Hope that helps!


That makes sense!

Thanks! :D


I haven't updated so I don't know i voted idk!
I just got a email from Liza about that!


It's ok I don't like it that much though. I miss the old editor a bit as well.