New Hopscotcher Tips?



Hello! Lately there have been a lot of people joining Hopscotch! If you have any tips for them, please reply!

-Watch the video tutorials. You might learn some impressive code skills that others might not have thought of!
-Learn by branching! To branch a project, you edit a project slightly, then click the exit button. Choose "Save as a draft".
-Don't pick on others. This is always a bad idea, but it can be worse when you first join because others can report you, and you get banned before you show your awesome projects!

Those are my tips. Any others?


One more trick explore other people's projects and mix the code a bit but make his project your own


In the bottom left corner of your hopscotch screen, there is a help button. Click on that, and select "how to be awesome"


Nice! Just be sure to always give credit to the person!


Yes! The "how-to-be-awesome" tab was my savior when I first started! :wink:


That tab really helps! It saved me too! :blush:


I gave you a nice topic:grinning:!


Yay! :blush: