📽 New Hopscotch YouTube channel



Hi guys! I have just started a Hopscotch YouTube channel

Check out the first video on the channel:

Please like and subscribe

I need your help

I need help posting new videos to the channel as frequently as possible. Watch the video to find out how to join the team.


The Emoji of the Week contest tag list

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I watched it, it looks cool! But are Hopscotch YouTube channels still allowed? I also noted that you shared an email in the video, and that would count as communication outside the forum even though it is a Hopscotch-related email. I’d suggest checking with Liza to make sure that this would be allowed, it’s a great idea!


This is an ASWOME idea… I’m not sure I can help, but I’ll subscribe and hit the bell


I think it’s as long as it follows the community guidelines


I emailed Liza and she said she liked it… So I take that as an its aloud thing…


Ok. I followed you with my old Hopscotch channel. :+1:
If you mess around with the YouTube settings, you can make it where comments are disabled or have to be approved. That way you can monitor it. Otherwise I think you can add a filter.
You can also play with the “Customize Channel” to add sections and different things as you add more videos.


I know. BTW, what is your new YouTube channel?


I don’t have a new Hopscotch channel. I just have an old one I used for Hopscotch two years or so ago (AwesomeJediE). Right now I use AwesomeJediE to put together Star Wars soundtrack playlists.

Really old videos but: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RBeumlvh18k7xnoewS58g/featured?view_as=subscriber


Sounds cool! I would love to make hopscotch videos with you but I don’t have a YouTube channel or much experience with this. I could write scripts for tutorials or suggest projects to play, if that would help :slight_smile:


Here’s mine if u guys are wondering (its not hopscotch-only tho)


Some ideas for the channel:

  • Play the six most recent featured projects
  • Do a Hopscotch tutorial (I can get you a sentence generator tutorial if you would like)
  • Talk about recent news in the forum (e.g. the summer contest, Valgo making a new game)
  • More Emoji of the Week Videos


I am asking if people would like to help manage mine.

Me neither… I just went for it.


Oh okay! I’ll have to ask my parents about it. But maybe!


Would you like to help me make these videos you suggested? I have seen your videos and would happily accept you onto the team.


Would you like to help manage my channel? I looked at your videos, and you are an amazing YouTuber.


Yes. I must receive an email of approval from your parents before I let you help.


I’ll ask them soon. If they say no, I may still be able to help with something.


Nope. I need an approval from your parents before I can let you help with anything related to the YouTube channel. (Otherwise I would kinda be breaking the child protection law thingy)…


I mean, I wouldn’t do anything related directly to the channel, just helping to write scripts or suggest videos, possibly?


It depends… Are you 13 or over 13?