New Hopscotch Update!


Why? It's awesome! Maybe rephrase that to be nicer to the hopscotch team?


in the beta version the button you tap looks like an eye.


I find it easier, so you don't accidentally drag things when moving through code. Can you rephrase that to be nicer? It's pretty harsh...


i bet the evil three lines are plotting to do something even more evil than just forcing you to drag on the right side of blocks...


It isn't in the new version... Hm...


the update notes doesn't actually say you can view one object at a time tho


You should rephrase that, be nice to THT :)

You can do those things! Like what CreativeCoder said....


Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it.


Please stop hating on the new update. You cant just go and say its the eorst upfate ever. Anyone can suspend you.

I get angry everytime someone hates.


I haven't really tried the update much but I think that it will be good. I don't think the activity tab bug or the keyboard bug has been fixed yet.


Hey all please don't confuse the new update with the beta test. The new update fixes some issues with the editor and makes it easier to drag, but you can only drag by pressing the little grippy icon on the right side of a block. It does not allow you to view one object at a time.


@Montoya- Oh! That makes WAY more sense! Thanks! The update is still awesome!


That's harsh, @hopscotch_king. THT worked hard to make this app, and they still work hard to update it, tweak it. give it a new look. You should be grateful that they cared enough to even make this app! Can't you rephrase that better?


I can't unfortunately not update, the iPad is full and I will need to update iOS.
But, I will update my iPhone!


I didn't even realise :0


Every update gets hate. It's their thing. :D


Oh yeah I looked for that on the updated version. I'm guessing that's coming sometime soon though?


Yes, as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Great to hear!

Or read, whichever...


I really like the new math blocks (logarithm would have been nice too :wink:), but I respectfully have to disagree with the quoted portion of your statement.

The out-of-control scrolling when dragging blocks appears to be fixed. But now the editor is VERY inconsistent with when it decides you're trying to delete a block and when you're not. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern yet, so I find drag & drop with the new editor... less than intuitive.

Also while it's great that event blocks collapse much quicker than before, I'm quite disappointed that THT chose to shrink the width of the editor (when used in landscape mode). This makes much less of an equation visible and therefore much more difficult to work with. It seems like THT keeps trying to neuter the iPad landscape mode editor in favor of an iPhone friendly aspect ratio.

@Liza @Rodrigo

Edit: Here's an example
Before update:

After update:
This change detracts from the value of the iPad app. Having a wide screen but being constrained to scroll back and forth in a narrower virtual screen makes little sense.