New Hopscotch Update!


The new update is out! It's awesome! I was coding, and I noticed something was different. I though I was on beta, but no! The new update is out! Yay!

NEW UPDATE! Disscus About It Here!
NEW UPDATE! Disscus About It Here!
New update 3.4.0 [POLL AND DISCUSSION]


Yeeeeey!! I'm updating now! :D


The new update is awesome! One rule at a time and easier dragging! Wahooo! Great work @Liza, @Rodrigo, @Asha, @Montoya(Can't remember more of THT)


is it one rule at a time? I thought one object at a time


Yeah, you're right XD


Its so good its crazy


Yes there is a new update!

The editor changed a bit and much more!

Update it and tell me how you feel!

I love it!

What do you think?


There is already a topic. Sorry! Do you want to merge the topics?


Ah man!

Too late!

Yeah sure!



Ok! Thanks for understanding!


It is amazing!


10/10 guise its mlg bois


@SmilingSnowflakes- I've never gotten a notification for a merge! That looks cool! Thanks for merging!


Um @SmilingSnowflakes can you recycle my topic please

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Or just not be there anymore


One question about the new update, how do I make it so I only see one object's code?


Tap the little arrow on the left of an object :s


Ok! Thanks! I'll try it!


i can sum it up in one word:


you can't drag blocks or select blocks...


I tapped it and it just opens and closes the object, did I press the wrong arrow?
The arrow I presses looks like this > and when I press it, it opens the objects rules and looks like this ^


You drag it on the lines, like the old version...