New Hopscotch update 4/4


Hey all! There's a lot of newness at Hopscotch HQ -- it's finally spring and we moved to Brooklyn :joy: -- so we thought we'd continue the trend with a new update.

This update fixes a bunch of bugs that had been lurking around.

Download us and let us know if you run into any issues:

While you're here, tell us how you first found out about Hopscotch—we're curious to hear!

Thanks so much!
-- THT


I first found out Hopscotch from my real life friend @TrotterRoberts64.3 . Then my other real life friends @aabb1111 and @Dylan329 introduced me to this forum! And because of this, I am typing this today.


What were some of the bugs?


Cool! My Mom downloaded Hopscotch for me after seeing it on a list of coding apps to download at an Hour of Code display at the library.


Oh, I've told that story too many times......
Lemme see if I can find it.....
"One day, I wanted to make an RPG (I already knew how to code a little bit), so I looked up "RPG maker". I found a few things. One of them was hopscotch. I thought "can't be THAT good". Then I tried it and realized I couldn't more wrong. HOPSCOTCH IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME SINCE I GOT MY IPAD!!!! True story."


I first found Hopscotch just looking for educational games in the App Store. I downloaded, tried coding, did not like that project, deleted Hopscotch, and re downloaded this past year to give it another chance. Now, I am addicted to Hopscotch and the forum.


Awesome! :D

For me, hopscotch came to me from my school. We have school iPads, which have firewalls and restricted apps. On our little school App Store, I was just scrolling around. Everything was just boring, teacher apps. Except for one app, thatc caught my eye. I started hopscotch, because it was the only fun app allowed on our iPads, and I still love it. :D

I also have a friend or two who are also on hopscotch, who I can talk to about it. :D


I first found out from my brother, who used it when I was in 5th grade. 2 years later, when I got my school iPad, I remembered about the app.


I found hopscotch because in IT at my primary school, we were doing a bit of simple coding and hopscotch was the app that our teachers recommended us to go and download at home!!


I found Hopscotch in a coding magazine, and I started it. It first seemed simple and boring, but when I discovered it more and then I started to love it. And now, I am using it every day. Thank you for the amazing work!


U moved to Brooklyn


Yay! That sounds awesome!!

I love new updates, and bug fixes :D


I found Hopscotch by searching up game making apps on the App Store and downloaded it because it looked cool ^-^
I'm so happy I did!! ;D


I found out about it from school!

@liza, have you ever considered showing how many followers a person has? I think that would be really cool!


The Hopscotch team told me they can't do a follower count until they finish rewriting Hopscotch in JavaScript ;)



Oh, thanks!

Did they say that in a post? If so, can I have the link?



So you guys aren't at Madison Avenue anymore?


Cool!! I can't wait for my hopscotch to finish updating to see the additions!

I first started hopscotch a few years ago after trying out, and failing to use, a few text based coding apps.
Once I realised that text based code took a while to learn it kinda turned me off learning to make games.....
Until I downloaded Hopscotch!!
I found hopscotch's smooth and colourful, and easy to use, block based coding much easier and was soon making some really cool games!!


I want to look at the awesome cool new update now


I found Hopscotch on my school iPad. My teachers don't let us play on it though. The students get too distracted playing the projects on featured :joy: