New Hopscotch Language!


Hey guys! Guess what! I've just come up with a new Hopscotch language!
So, part of it is Pig Latin...

Pig Latin

Take the first letter of the word off and put it at the end, then add "ay" at the end of that.

...But, instead of adding "ay" at the end, you add either "hop" or "scotch" (without the quotation marks!) depending on whether the original word starts with a vowel or a consonant. So, if the original word starts with a vowel, you add "hop" at the end, and if the original word starts with a consonant, you add "scotch" at the end!
So, pretty simple! (In my opinion)
In this topic, you can either chat in the Hopscotch language or ask questions about this if you have any!
Credit to @QueenShaeShae for making the original topic where I came up with this!

Tag list


ommentcscotch "otatopscotch" owndscotch elowbscotch fihop ouyhop ancscotch eadrscotch histscotch!

Might be taking a break
50 days on the forum! (Scratch that, I'm now at 100 days!)


Kinda weird having two topics for the same language it seems...


Dont forget to credit me @BellaWafflez17!!!


Oh its okay, she told me she was going to do it. As long as I get credit its fine by me




No, I came up with the language in that topic and made a topic about it!


Should the other topic have another language...? I understand what they are, but I don't understand why to have two topics using the same language.


Anktscotch ouyscotch!!!!!


Sorry, I don't really understand what you're asking.


Cuz this one explains it better. The other one was in the process of making it


Cool idea!
Oolscotch deahop!


It still doesn't make sense to me as it's

1) Language
2) Some explanation, still the language

But I dunno. I'll stop asking.


Ollscotch renchfscotch riesfscotch!!!!!!!


You mean:
oolcscotch deaihop


histscotch siscotch nahop wesomeahop anguagelscotch!
Is that right?




esyscotch tihop sihop!!!!




opscotchhscotch sihop ymscotch avoritefscotch ppahop!


opscotchhscotch sihop hetscotch estbscotch ppahop vereehop!