[New] Hopscotch Junior Academy!



Okay, sounds cool!! :D


it says under or over 10, but I am 10, so what would I be?


I would say the whole thing would be ten and under, although it’s not my choice. ;D

@HopedHoper what do you think? :)


I don’t get it XD


What are you not getting? XD


When u said the whole thing would be 10 and under


I meant the whole student thing would be ten and under, not the actual whole thing, sorry about that :000

If that’s the case, students would be ten and under and teachers eleven and up ;D


In my opinion, I don’t think age matters. This 9 yr old that was in my class was an expert coder :00


I don’t think it matters either, although most people probably do the age stuff because generally people who are older are usually more experienced then people who are younger. Not always though ;D


You could be a student and your eleven and in 2+ Months after your birthday you can graduate and if you want to be, A Teacher!


I’m just a little older then 10 but I don’t know much about coding. Could I still be a student


I’ll see but I don’t really know😕