New Hopscotch Game Sequel!



So I went onto hopscotch (its been like a thousand years) and saw that there was a remix on my 'Jurrasic Run' Project. So I though, "Well I should make a sequal!!!" So I did!!

Jurrasic Run:

Raw copy.

Jurrasic Run 2!!

Added a sky, changed the 'runner', added a 3D sun, fixed some lag issues with there being too many trees and changed the jump mechanic to jump when you swipe up on the iPad.

Jurrasic Run 3 Coming soon!!!

Anyone for an Epic Collab?

That's awesome! Very creative to do the 3D sun! I gave you nice post



P.s I got 'Nice Topic' XD


No Problemo! You got ten likes on this topic! This is a "Nice Topic!".
My nice topic jokes stink



Anyone got any ideas for JR 3?


Cool game! Maybe for JR 3 you could make the grass more realistic.


i can't jump
(NEWS:a broken bicycle can't jump)


Ok peeps Jurrasic Run 3 is coming out 2 July 2016 AEST so hang tight for that!!!


Swipe up.


but not many people will get it first, so how about tapping the ipad?


Eh nvm