New Hopscotch Contest!


Hey Everybody!
This is a contest that me, SabotageWarning will be hosting. There need to be 8 teams each with 2 coders. Every few days I will post what you shall do and what is the due date. Post your projects as #SabContestGroup#Round# fill in # with other data. When 16 people submitted, the contest will begin. Check back frequently for updates. Winners get boatloads or prizes like shout outs on social media, specialized projects, all their projects liked and I'll follow them and they will be my collaborators. Get to it guys!


The prizes for 1st place are as follows:
Shout outs on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Hopscotch and Hopscotch Forums
Specialized Projects like Spiral Draws and a drawpad request, and a yarn ball.
All their projects liked and I'll follow them
Chance to become my collaborators
Their ideas for specialized projects
And a lot more coming!
Submit Now!


Can people please join this contest with their friends?