New Hopscotch Characters!?



Look at these; they show characters that aren't in Hopscoctch. Could they be added soon, are they just for design, or are they like denied characters?

Im not sure about the humans, but the monsters probably have a larger chance of being added! What are your thoughts? Are there any OC's you would like added to Hopscotch? What are some names these characters could have?


Anyone? O-o


They have been there for a while...


They are used for that "presentation" and I don't think will be added


Here's a like because I can't like today!


I agree with pop tart if there were new characters they wouldn't be those ones look up on google hopscotch coding characters


I am pretty sure those were just for show! Like @Stick88 said, they have been on for a very long amount of time, so it's highly unlikely that it would be a new HS character!


Yeah I wish there was new characters


Hmm I think they are working on other things before they will add these!


Maybe they are just pictures to help explain the subject. 🤔


It'd be good if we had that one over Don't share your information! but it's just for presentation I think.


that would be cool if there where new characters like that!


Ok KIT FIR the cat monster