New Hopscotch Beta!


I would just guess a problem with installing the app over the top of the beta version?


Fixed several bugs (restart Hopscotch to get the fixes)

  • = and <= now work for the blue conditionals (they did work for magenta before)

  • no longer blurry if you set width to a negative value
  • set width/height = 0 now works

@ThinBuffalo @CreationsOfaNoob


I don’t know anybody who experienced it either.

Unfortunately, that was my problem. I was never able to install the update. I still have over 80 gigs of storage left on my device.

Maybe it has something to do with my school’s installation software?
(I can’t take a screenshot of this due to privacy reasons.)


I have no issues and am on iOS 11.3.1 on my iPad

But there is a small feature missing: Drag and drop does not work with HSobjects (found in character image and set image slots)


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<uses a screen recording if screenshots are disabled>


Please use this for project help. Just give credit


Who are you responding to?
I have Drawing Pad X




Found a bug with the delete function. When I try see the total clones of a deleted object the player freezes.