New Hopscotch Beta!


Works in a web browser but not the app, how weird


One thing I noticed, but haven’t been able to recreate:

One of the shapes turn really blurry when proportions are changed, the other doesn’t.
It doesn’t seem to matter if the object is colored or not.
Restarting the app won’t fix it,


Saw your 3D project in my following list, got so mad that it wasn’t working for me because it really is a game changer to have fast 3D rendering. Turns out I wasn’t using the beta app whoops


Good catch @CreationsOfaNoob. I’d noticed that as well but neglected to look into it.

Turns out that the images becomes fuzzy when the Width is made negative (but are fine if the Height is negative).

THT must be on Holiday break, so I’ll also add this to my list above.


Any idea where to send suggestions for features? Would their email be appropriate?


Oh my gosh! Hello @CreationsOfaNoob its actually you!


There’s a topic for that, actually.
Just give a link and say “I nominate this for featured!”
And it’s okay to self-nominate.


@awesomeonion Re: 3.33.0(22)
The new <= and >= conditionals aren’t working at all

This returns “Doesn’t work”

Similar results for a >= test.

[Edit: added to the list above as item #7]


Who at the hopscotch team made the winter characters? They’re so… cool


@Ana @awesomeonion

I’d just like to confirm THT has seen the list, a few posts above, that was made over the holidays?


I got an idea and did this spinning text in the beta :).
You have to hold on the link then tap ‘Open in Hopscotch’


Why is it in filter or unpublished? The beta blocks work properly in a web browser (not in app for some reason but browsers run it just fine)


Really? Well I guess I’ll have to publish it.


Here. @Awesome_E


Hello! Thanks so much for all your comments. Things here are a bit slow due to the holidays, but we definitely take into account all your findings.


I’d love to get the delete function added to the beta, would really help clean up clones.


Do you know if the new Hopscotch version is compatible with ios 12.1.1?

I had trouble installing it and still couldn’t install it.


idk but it dropped yesterday


Do you know if somebody else experienced it? Could you please tell me step by step what happened after you updated the app to the latest version. Thanks so much! @UTheDevHS @Awesome_E


I didn’t experience it and I’ve got iOS 12.1.1 on a 6th gen iPad.
Although that might be because my family got this iPad with like 128 gigs for Christmas and it’s brand new.
Maybe it has something to do with device storage. I doubt it does though.