New Hopscotch Beta!


Re: Beta 3.33.0(19)

The Set Width/Height is a great new feature! I’m looking forward to seeing the new visual effects created by highly creative Hopscotchers. (And it also adds needed value to the subscription)

Issue 1: Doesn’t seem to work with clones

This causes the clone to disappear after the Wait block


Good catch. Will fix!


Issue 2: Text stretches with application of the Set Width/Height block, but the object traits reflect different values

For example, after this code

Width = 256, Height = 49


This one isn’t a bug, per se, but I think some Hops could get confused…

If either Width or Height is set to a value <= 0, that parameter is ignored. So if the native image is 150 x 150 and you

Set width (200) height (0), the result is
Width = 200, Height = 150

Perhaps the error handler should set the parameter to the minimum value (1) instead?


Alternatively, it might be really useful if using a negative value inverts the image on that axis and scales it to abs(input value)…


Yes, I see great potential as well as the chance of unique simulators.

Btw, what was that thing about “adding value to the subscription?” Does that mean only subscribed users can use that block?


No, it means you can resize your images in different ways.


Could someone add this plz


Plz add this too


@ThinBuffalo bugs should be fixed.


Re: 3.33.0(20)
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Set Width/Height block seems to make objects disappear now.

This makes the object disappear (with the Set Width/height) then reappear (with the Set Size)


Thanks for flagging, it’s fixed now!


That is a nice block I will look forward to using


Re: 3.33.0(21)
Thanks, Sam. Works with both original objects and clones now. (BTW, this new block is going to make an awesome addition!)

As I’ve been able to actually use it in a project now I’ve come across another issue.

According to the in app description:

(As an aside, there’s a typo in 2nd sentence)

The values should match the resulting size in pixels, but the image is actually smaller

So, this should make the triangle the same size as the screen:

But here’s the result:

Similar, undersized, results occur with smaller values as well


You’ve found a part of Hopscotch that is an ongoing problem we’ve not yet fixed.

When we originally made the shape images we lined them up in a grid and exported them with space around the sides. It didn’t make a difference in file size because we used vectors. However, it did make a difference in collision area and now in set width and height. It’s something we will fix eventually, we just need to ensure that we don’t break all the existing projects.


Ok, that makes sense. BTW, thank you for adding the inversion with a negative value. That looks like it’ll be super useful.


You came here and reported all the bugs I found. That makes life so much easier for me. I was going to write a five page essay willingly this time.


Hi @awesomeonion

1) I just noticed that a Set Height/Width input value of 0 is still ignored in 3.33.0(22), whereas a small input value in either height/width of, say, 0.1 makes the image disappear.

I believe it will be useful, and behave more as expected, if a Set Height/Width input value of 0 also makes the image disappear. If 0.1 or .000001 makes it disappear, why wouldn’t 0 do the same (I don’t mean programmatically, but rather just the end result).

2) You may not want to addres this one, but I noticed that this

makes the Text crazy big in a project that was created in 3.32.0 but edited in the 3.33.0(22) beta. However, the code above works as expected for projects created in 3.33.0

3) The issue noted in the next post by @Hopscotcher is repeatable for me as well, except I don’t see as much offset between the character sets. It just looks bold.

4) thought you might like to see how I used the beta & new Set Width/Height block:

5) Would it be possible (well, I know it’s possible, but would you consider) to add another new block: Set Layer
• where the object’s layer numbers don’t have to be sequential or even positive. I.e., 4 objects could be put on layers -12, 1, 7, & 9632 and the Player would arrange the z order from min to max
• this affect can be coded, as is, but requires O(n) frames (as far as I’ve been able to figure out)
• I believe this block would be useful for users with a range of experience/ability

6) As shown below by @CreationsOfaNoob, images becomes fuzzy when the Width is made negative (but are fine if the Height is negative).

7) The new <= and >= conditionals aren’t working

This returns “Doesn’t work”

Similar results for a >= test.


I was in the editor doing something in the latest beta version (3.33.0), but then some text I had in a text object went weird like this:
What you do for it to happen is get a when and drag out a text block, put some text in it, then tap the icon to put variables in text, then this happens! If you tap anywhere though, it fixes itself, and it doesn’t effect the text or anything, but I thought this was really weird.


The 3D rendering looks SUPER cool! But I don’t think people without the beta will see it properly.


That’s true. I believe Hops will need to update to the new version, after it’s released in the App Store, for the Set Width/Height block to work. And after it’s released, any projects published with the beta should work after users update to 3.33.0