New Hopscotch Beta!


Hello young developers!

After seeing so many of you try to drag and drop from the keyboard, we finally implemented it.

Now you can help ensure that it works as smoothly as possible. Please download the new beta and play with the editor, make some projects, drag some code. Here’s the link:

While you do this, note whether things behave as you expected. Does anything seem like a bug? Does the app crash? If you think you’ve found something we should address, please comment below or write me at, so we can fix it before the real version goes out.



Hopscotch Beta needs fixing!

Cool, I’ll try to download it!


Awesome! I’ll try downloading it and let you know what I find. This seems like a pretty cool update


Wait, do I need an email for this?


@Ana @awesomeonion @Liza

Issue 1

The Beta breaks any project that used a Shape object. All shapes become Monkey…

For example, here’s @CreationsOfaNoob’s Pumpkin Smash

Issue 2

Ok, so here’s what TestFlight says:

Can you clarify what exactly you’re supposed to be able to drag & drop from the keyboard? The only thing I can find that drags & drops is dragging new objects onto the Stage. Nothing in the Editor drags & drops.

Edit: I uninstalled the Beta since it’s broken. Now looking at the current version, objects already could be dragged onto the Stage, so I could find nothing new that would drag…


Also is that text deleting issue fixed?


Beta team! I am new to this public testing thing and did not press submit in the right place. Try clicking the link and downloading again–this version should have drag and drop and should not have the monkey bug!


Ok. I’ll have to try again this evening…


woah thats neet


@Ana @awesomeonion @Liza

Another Bug

When I used the beta version
then I published my project then I saved the project using the non-beta version
then there was nothing.


Cool! I don´t really understand what you are going to drag and drop without downloading the beta, which I hope that I can do!


@Ana @awesomeonion

I finally downloaded the TestFlight beta again. No monkey business this time, but still nothing new drags & drops.

Hopscotch Version: 3.33.0
Player Version: d61e651
iOS Version: 10.2
Device: iPad4,1

Ironically on my phone I do not have the beta installed, but it does drag & drop

Hopscotch Version: 3.32.1
Player Version: d61e651
iOS Version: 11.4.1
Device: iPhone10,1

I can give feedbac k on this version. No issues with the drag & drop functionality. However,

  • the prior tap to insert functionality is essentially broken. I have to tap a block 2, 3, occasionally 4 times to get it to insert
  • scrolling left/right through the block choices is extreemly difficult, as you have to press on the small space above or between blocks to get it to scroll. Press on the block and it starts the drag operation instead of the scroll.

For the latter, I think it needs to distinguish between a vertical drag to start the drag & drop, verses a horizontal drag to scroll.


Hi! Drag and drop is only enabled on iOS 11 and later. The beta version we put out should be an improvement on the app store version, if you can download on your phone and check it out I’d love to hear what you think.


Ah, ok. I’ll download TestFlight when I’m back on WiFi in a few hours. I don’t recall, will I need an access code? If so would you email the account for ThinBuffaloSr.


No invite needed. The link is public. Thank you!


Overall, it works pretty well. While I don’t anticipate that I’d personally drag blocks up from the menu, I do think I’d use the dragging of variables/equations between bubbles. The latter increases efficiency since cut & paste isn’t mandatory to move the variables/equations now.

Here’s a few things to look into

  • numbers once entered into a bubble can’t be selected and copied
  • the behavior of inserting an And conditional to an existing rule conditional has changed. The And now replaces the existing conditional with two blank 7=7s. For And and Or condionals (applicable to both rules and If Thens), the behavior should be similar to the other math blocks. The existing conditional should becoming the first bubble of the And/Or instead of being removed.
  • (Unrelated to the new version, it would still be really helpful to be able to set the curser in middle of a number to change an intermediate digit)
  • the text bubble doesn’t highlight when a variable is dragged over it. If positioned properly, the text bubble still accepts the variable but you just can’t tell if the variable’s going to return to its original location or be accepted by the text
  • if an equation is dragged on the first bubble of a Set block, the equation is deleted instead of returning to its original location
  • Undo doesn’t undo the above deletion of the equation (actually, Undo doesn’t work particularly well in general but probably that’s out of scope for this update. Though fwiw, I try to only use Undo in an extreme emergency as I’m never quite sure what it’s going to do)
  • if the event parameter is deleted from a rule, the blank bubble doesn’t subsequently highlight if tapped to indicate that the bubble has the focus
  • the highlight rectangle for indicating the insertion location between blocks frequently only shows the upper left section instead of the entire rectangle
  • when dragging the event parameter between rules or when dragging the conditionals from an If Then block to a rule, the rule bubble does not highlight


Just so you know in the current beta the conditional when blocks can’t be added. And I’m not sure if it’s just my device but I can’t open any featured projects with it. (I’m using an iPhone 4s because I don’t have TestFlight on my iPad)


@awesomeonion I just downloaded the latest Beta 3.33.0(18) and, just fyi, all of the new the drag & drop features haved ceased to function. Other than the winter characters & white highlights on all the “bubbles”, it seems very similar to the latest released version 3.32.1

Device: iPhone10,1
iOS Version: 11.4.1
Hopscotch Version: 3.33.0
Player Version: d61e651

Edit: I also just noticed the updated inequalities

That’s awesome, thank you.


Right now, we’re only testing drag and drop with 50% of iPhone users. We want to see if it leads to better retention/more usage. That way we will have an idea of how usability fixes impact Hopscotchers and we can better decide whether to do more of them.


Also, about the winter characters (which, by the way, are AWESOME), lots of people got the beta and don’t see them…