New hopscotch beta released!


In this new hopscotch beta, @Liza and the rest of the staff have added a brand new look to the app, and added a new section called skills! It teaches you the basics of hopscotch, as well as coding in general! They've also added the feature to duplicate projects! That will come in handy a lot! And now, search and channels are now combined in one place!

Also, this part is mainly for THT only, but I made a new account called "Zachyswag:P Beta". I will use it to post any bugs I find, as well as tests for the new update. I already uploaded my first project, "Hopscotch v3.5.0 Test". It uses 2 constantly changing values. If you have the beta, check it out here:


What do you guys think of it?


ur not asleep


Is it for phone and iPad???? @liza? @Zachyswag?


Yes it is.


Awesome! I just downloaded it!