New Hopscotch beta feature: Custom Rules

Today Hopscotch Beta v.3.22.0 (79) was released. It has a new feature, Custom Rules! It is like custom blocks, but it includes When blocks too! Release notes:

The beta contains Custom Rules. Custom Rules are like Custom Blocks: you can save a group of code and then use it on any object, as many times as you like. Like Custom Blocks, if you change the code in one place, it will change in every place you use that Rule. The different is that Custom Rules contains WHENS as well as code blocks. (Therefore creating complete rules that can be reused!)

We would love to hear what you think about this new feature:

  • Is it helpful?
  • Does it work?
  • Can you find any examples where Custom Rules do not work as you’d expect?

Second, if you’re into this feature, we’d love your help creating our first set of default Custom Rules (blocks that will appear in every Hopscotch project), like the default Custom Abilities.

  • These Rules should not be too complicated, but should do something cool.
  • Think about when you were a new Hopscotcher: these are the first blocks you might explore using in a project. What would be exciting to you? What would be fairly easy to understand?
  • Send us the link to a project with cool Custom Rules, and there’s a chance we’ll use your Rule in the app :slight_smile:


For those without the beta, here is an image walkthrough.

(Click on the images for full size)

Custom Rules work just like Custom Blocks.

When you are adding rules, there is a new section on the keyboard for My Rules.

In this beta, there are two default rules: Drag Me and Fireworks.

This is what a custom rule looks like. You can open and close the “folder” like a custom block.

You can rename and delete the rules.

You can also nest Custom Rules inside each other. However, you can’t put the same Custom Rule inside itself, unlike the custom blocks.

If you would like to signup for beta testing, send an email to Information on how the beta testing works here.

Discuss the new beta on this topic!


This seems very useful as an update, helping create some complex code!
not that I know


The update hasn’t appeared on my App Store yet but I’m super excited for it! Thanks for sharing what it’s about!

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This is a beta version, which means it’s not finished yet, but released for people to test new features early.


:0 this is going to be so helpful


didn’t custom rules already exist? sorry i only know the old editor, by rules i mean the rainbow things that were on the side

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Those are only for code blocks, not the When rules.

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Ooh awesome – this will be SUPER helpful! :smiley:



I could’ve used this several time since in the past few projects I’ve made.


This is awesome! Thank you for telling us! It seems super cool.


You should be a leader:/

We’re still figuring out which Custom Rules the App Store app will ship with — maybe ones that you come up with! If you have ideas for interesting, fun Rules that every project should have, send them to us :slight_smile:


Wow so cool! Man I wish I had beta! This would so increase my coding level.

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hi again @Liza! I haven’t updated my iPad to IOS 11 yet and I can’t update hopscotch…do I have to update my iPad for this update to available? I use a school iPad :)


Nope! It does not require iOS 11. Though you might need your school administrator’s help to get the beta. Do you have TestFlight installed?


nope I don’t think I can install test flight…I won’t be able to reply furthermore until 12:00

Could you put a custom rules block inside a When… block?

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@Liza when I go in beta it says ‘Hopscotch Beta Is No Longer Available’

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Have you installed the latest beta via TestFlight?

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