New Hopscotch beta (9/2)


There’s a new Hopscotch beta that’s part two of our editor improvement updates. Many of the things we fixed were suggested by you — thanks!

There are a few things to test out:
1. See the code for one object a time (does this feel less overwhelming?)
2. Dragging is a lot easier (is it too easy? Are you accidentally dragging things around?)
3. Select blocks by tapping twice instead of pressing and holding (is this easier?)

Let us know what you think about these three changes, and if you find any bugs.

Here’s the link:

Don’t forget that you have to trust Hopscotch to download it.

We’re excited to hear your feedback.

Have a great long weekend,

PS: Monday is a holiday in the US and Hopscotch will be closed.


Thank you @Liza ! I'm excited to test it out! :smiley:


yes thx for one block at a time yey


I'll try it after school, I'm so excited! This looks awesome!


I can't wait to test this! I'll download it rn! :smile:


It sounds great @Liza!
I download it now!


Sounds awesome @Liza!!

I'm trying to install now!!


This is great! I like how to delete a rule, you just have to tap twice. It is also much less overwhelming because before I was accidentally putting rules in the wrong object. Now I only see one object at a time. :smiley: The only thing is that when I was just scrolling down my finger hit one of the rules and it accidentally got deleted. I like that it is easy to move things around but sometimes I delete things by accident.


I think it should have more place because it's too little space to code on!


Thx @Liza! I'm excited to test it out!


I love HS a lot!


Gonna try it out!
Have a good break :slight_smile:


Cool! I can't wait to test it out, I think I once suggested making deleting blocks easier :o


Kewl! I really like the beta. My brother can't tell the difference, but I still really enjoy the one rule at a time.


Cool. Though I don't see myself using the thing where the object and things get bigger, but it's pretty cool. I tested on an iPhone 4s though I hope that the iPad editor is in full screen :upside_down:


Are you using an iPad or an iPhone and if iPad, are you using it in landscape?


Which device are you using? An iPad? iPhone?


What do you mean with "the thing where the object and things get bigger"?


This is a cool beta, but it'a hard to code with because the app crashes every time I try to place a block. It's incredibly annoying. Can you fix this?

I'm using an iPad Air 2, by the way!


Oh no! What was the last thing you were doing before it started crashing?