New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!



seems like you can only put = in an and operator. i want to make multiple ands.
also, text, the alphabet """""soup""""" as it says by the description, isn't tasty enough.


This isn't a comment on the new beta, but a suggestion for it, to make coders' lives easier.
What if there was a way to combine text and values in the same text object? Like instead of two separate objects that say "Score:" and one that holds the value, you could add the text "Score:" and the value together, making it have the correct score but only take one object.


I have a suggestion you should make a follow (blanks) code so you could copy that code but change it as needed.


@bluedogmc-official, idk if this is up to date…




Skynet doesn't agree.


@William04GamerA why did you point me here


Sorry, I did that by accident.


Oh yeah I saw it on the other topic