New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!



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I tried to edit an ability, but couldn't drag a block off the screen. It was the follow finger ability, but I couldn't take the repeat forever block out.


Awesome! I hope it comes out soon!


It sounds like you weren't able to drag blocks as you expected. Were you on an iPhone or iPad? What did you do to try to drag it?

The way to drag blocks is by first long pressing until they turn slightly transparent. If you drop a block near the side of the editor a poof will appear and you can delete it.

Other ways to delete: use the backspace in the keyboard, or long press and delete from the copy/paste menu that will show up.


@Kiwicute2016 was your bday today


It's a lot less efficient when you can't see the block choices. It makes coding on Hopscotch a lot slower. And also, the previews cover only a small fraction of the whole project. Is there anyway you can change that?


Oh, it wasn't transparent and I didn't try to drag them off as you described. I was on an iPad and don't have Hopscotch on a phone.




I looked in your bio and then I clicked links and stuff. I like the content. One of your websites is very funny but imappropiate for Hopscotch.


@Liza I have sent you an email concerning the bugs, I found so if you could look at it that would be great. Also, I found that the login system doesn't recognize my user.


Well, I just really like choosing things from the left, since I'm left handed -- it just seems a bit easier :3

And the blocks are kind of thinner, so it's kind of easier to scroll through. :0

I've just really gotten used to it and I'll eventually get used to this too. :D

I do like the new way you can get text, though. That's way easier. :3


Wait..!? You're left handed too? Yay! :D


Woo! :D

That's so cool! XD


My dad said enterprise betas aren't supposed to be given outside of the enterprise


I can't use landscape on iPhone anymore. Is it like that in iPad too?


@Rodrigo @thomas @Liza I found a bug! When you try to access a draft that hasn't been uploaded it causes my IPad to crash. I use an iPad Air 2


A draft that you created offline? Nice work!




Also, it's really laggy, and that adds to not being used to it!


It took a while to get used to the new interface.
I find the new interface quicker to use with the ability to quickly scroll through the different code blocks and scrolling through the code already used.

I'm running some tests with sprites moving in unison and acting as sensors for collision detection
I find this really pushes the app to its limits
So far I think the new beta code is running faster than the current official version.

There's still some beta features I haven't used yet.
I accessed drafts I made that weren't uploaded and had no problems.
And no problems downloading drafts

I'm using an IPad 3.