New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!



I guess... Also because it's hard to drag blocks out, that + not being used to it = me not being able to code as fast!


I really like the old editor also :D

Especially the left side where you can pick out blocks and delete them :0

I'm not really a fan of the new editor and it really confuses me ;-;


I'm not a big fan of the new editor and it not being landscape. This is super cool, but I like the old one ;-;


Will the editor be like that on the IPad? If so, I'm not really a fan of the editor, also, I think landscape style is better for the IPad


I asked this before and I'll ask again.
Can a "Point towards" block and a "Distance from? To?" Block be added.
Allot of users who don't know the "Point towards" code and don't how to make individual clones do something will find these blocks very useful.

Example, when distance from clone to fireball is less than 5
Set clones invisibility to 100%

This will also cause less lag as no bumps ur touching code will be used.
This can also help make a clone an individual
@TheRealBlah agrees


That would be very convenient!
I like point towards code, but its annoying having to make a new one for every single thing you want it to point to. So a block would be cool.


Oh btw, do I have to update it? Will it do it automatically?


I don't want to sound rude or something, but I like the old editor more, and it being in landscape mode. It gets really confusing when you're able to have it in landscape mode while playing, but not while editing. I think that the new editor suits the iPhone editor really good, but i'd be really happy if we could get the old look back to the iPad version.




Double woah...
You are lucky @smishsmash




Pls answer thx :wink:


you have to manually update, i think, by clicking the link. i'm not THT.


Well, many people do love the current Hopscotch version, and it's just so hard getting used to a new one.


Yeah, this probably is one of the main reasons.

I just am so confused with all that. Everyone will have to start fresh if it updates to this, as I can't really do anything with this beta.

And like seriously, you can't even drag a block off the screen or edit an ability! A major problem if you make a mistake in a big project.


Thank you. I appreciate that you like my work. How did you found my website and what "pretty cool things" did you found about me?


You actually can drag blocks offscreen and you can edit abilities. Can you let me know what you tried to do/what you expected to be able to do but couldn't?


These are good suggestions. We've got a long list of blocks + features we want to add (self!!!!) but will keep these in mind :slight_smile:


I still have the update from November last year ;-;

I have no idea how to use this ;-;


Totally hear you—I got confused when I first tried it because it was totally different and new. (Kind of like when Instagram updates—I'm like whaaaaat?)

Are there specific things about choosing code from the bottom that confuse you?