New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!



some magical bulding in a magical city with a magical name called new york

what is those new math operators?
(round, absolute value, modulo)


I said I felt like quiting hopscotch because of the editior...

And my brother danced .-.

Im not qutting hopscotch, it was my first impression


was it like

(2nd result with "sad dance")




I went to NYC last week and saw them last Wednesday, one sec I'm going to get everything...
Good question!

My trip to hopscotch HQ

So basically I went up an elevator to the 16th floor XD

yes I'm starting from the beginning

Then we walk to this counter and tell the lady we are here to meet Liza.

Then Liza comes in and greets us, and she walks us over to the hopscotch teams little table and area!

(It's cool! There's a table for every company but it's all open!)

Then she brings Rodrigo, I go off with Rodgrigo and my parents go off with Liza!

Me and Rodrigo take a seat on this extremely comfortable couch!

He aphands me the iPad and shows my the new beta, tell me to click on it!

I click on it XD

He starts asking me questions, when I started hopscotching, etc, then asks me to code something!

I literally had to ideas and I'm a very slow coder so I was like, ummmmmmmmmmmm. XD

All I did was make the background teal

Then Rodrigo asks me if I could make a drawing thingy.

I was like, ok!

I made it draw dark purple!

Then Rodrigo asks me to make a drawing pad thing!

I explained to him what the values do, how they worked, and made it!

(Rodrigo was taking notes the entire time!)

And he asked me how I liked the beta!

I was like, ermergerd I love this new beta!!!!!! :smiley:

Then we start making a geometry dash from scratch!

No vid, no help!

At the end we were both trying to make it score points!

Neither of us could get it right!

It was hilarious!

(Btw where you get the characters and text/objects, etc is at the bottom and I get clicking the top right of the screen like I would on my own iPad, which was very funny!)

But we finally got it right, and as soon as we did, Liza and my parents came in!

Liza gave me tons of hopscotch stickers and a peice of chocolate!

They have a big thing where there's a bunch of objects on the wall!

You can color one in!

I decided to do the peperoni on a pizza!

Then I got to meet the whole team!

They asked me if there was something I would like to say, and I was like, ummmmm.... Ummmmmm... I like the new beta XD

Then I took a picture with the whole team!

Liza showed me around the office, and the mini golf!

Then I had to leave ;-;

It was fun!

I visited for 1 hour c:
@Kiwicute2016 btw that, "Woah!" Cracked me up C:


I has started new trend. XD

Anyways, glad you had fun! I personally never got to meet rodrigo. :frowning:


Oh, and yeah, you did :D

Really?! Rodrigo is very nice C:

Thank you! @Kiwicute2016


Round: It's like changing the number to the nearest whole number.
1.2 --> 1
7.6 --> 8
5.5 --> 6
Absolute Value: If you put a put a positive number in, it doesn't do anything. If you put a negative number in, it changes it to the positive version.
4 --> 4
-9 --> 9
0 --> 0
Modulo: You know how when you learned to divide, you had to find the remainder? Modulo(a, b) is the remainder of a / b.
2 % 3 --> 2
9 % 4 --> 1
6 % 2 --> 0


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Lol XD
Don't apologize :0 there's no need to c:

Also, I hope you meet them one day too! They are very nice c:



@smishsmash what is Hopstotch hq addres.s bc I just told my dad and he said we may go soon​:tada::tada::tada::tada::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


335 Madison ave
New York, New York



thank you so much @smishsmash


Your welcome C:

Now we need to GBOT :D


wait I'm really sry for bothering you but did it have hopstotchs logo on the outside of the building @smishsmash


No, they don't :)
Back when you get inside you can say we are here to see hopscotch, hopscotch technologies, or along those lines, and they will know what your talking about :D

When you get on the 16th floor you can ask for Liza :D

Your not bothering me c: @SimplySouthernGurl

Now pls GBOT :slight_smile:


ok thanks! @smishsmash


Your welcome C:, so back to the beta,

I really like how you can now code in portrait!


@Valgo what is absolute value and modulo? @Intellection74, @BuildASnowman
Just explain it to me, I'll probably catch on :wink:


WOO! I think these came as per my suggestion at THT HQ :smiley: (And also the and and or! :D)

Also, some code that I wrote ("wrote") is in this beta, I'm pretty sure! :stuck_out_tongue: