New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!





The lag is gone with this version, but I can't edit an ability or drag a block off the screen, @Liza! This should be fixed.


Woohoo! I can't wait for the update!!
I'm downloading the beta right now!


The beta is really nice. The only problem I ran into is that it doesn't have my current projects in my drafts and in the published tab, and that the coding blocks takes much longer to load.


I love beta testing :smiley: Excited for this!


And & Or logical operators!?! Sign me up!


No offence @Liza, but I don't really like this beta. It's so hard to do stuff because I'm so used to the current version! Are you definitely going to use this?


New new new beta. I don't even have it on my phone. Now that I think about it, don't know why... :thinking:


We are definatly going to use it! I hope you get used to it c: @Rainboom



Also I dont have screen shots ;-;

But I changed my profile pic to watermelon from the pink one, I just swiped up the app

Then went back in and it was the pink one :thinking:


I had a lot to write, so I condensed it.

  • New operators
  • Renaming values (!)
  • The ability to add as many operators as you want (!!!)

Honestly, the beta is really cool.

  • The format (not that it's bad, just hard to get used to)
  • Hard to drag blocks
  • I have NO idea how to delete blocks
  • While scrolling on a long block, it can scroll too far. (This doesn't actually affect how well it works, it just would look cleaner if it didn't scroll as far.)
  • Finding some things is difficult (ex. adding values to text blocks) That just goes with the new format, I guess.
  • While scrolling on the object page, it scrolled past the end. (Again, it doesn't actually affect anything, but still, it would look cleaner.)

Sorry about the length...
Nice job with the new features, THT!


Amazing work! :D

Just a few things...
  1. Every project I play (if it wasn't made in the beta) seems to be appearing in my drafts.
  2. Right after I enter a draft, Hopscotch Beta immediately puts it into landscape mode, but I can't get it into landscape mode otherwise.
  3. I find it a bit strange to have to move blocks to the right to delete them. With the new layout, my first instinct is to drag down to delete objects, but that might just be me.


@liza all my latest projects are gone​:persevere:


Yeah! It would be nice to have a trash can at the bottom! :D


Woah! You've been to Hopscotch HQ? How was it?


@Liza these things aren't working

•You can see the name of each object in the editor, so you know what you’re adding code to

•You can get to a specific object’s code from the stage

•You can add objects from the stage


@Kiwicute2016 what is Hopstotch hq


Hopscotch headquarters.


oh that's cool where is it @Kiwicute2016


It's in New York City.