New Hopscotch Beta 6/28!



It's restricted and my dad forgot the restrictions pass code :disappointed:


Exscuse me, but how do you copy code?


Eep! Lags aren't good.

Can you help us understand exactly what is lagging—playing specific projects, making projects? Does it happen all the time or just some of the time?



A few bugs I found; I'm sure these are easier to fix

1. The Featured tab turned into the 'Newest tab'

2. Projects are in different orders!

3. Search terms don't match! :000

4. Not a bug; don't know if these are unintended or not! :3

Overall, it's amazing, and I definitely want to see it complete! :DD I especially liked the idea where you could delete blocks by dragging them to the right side of the editor.

I didn't really find any bugs in the editor, but the layout will need a little getting use to!


@Liza when I go into it it's showing projects I published 23 weeks ago!


The beta uses an older community, it's not a bug.


Just making the projects. And this is as of the last version, I'll go check now.


Time to test :smiley:


He should probably find a way to change it to something easy to remember.


I am doing this! Thanks Liza. I am glad u can now watch videos in the iPhone editor. I love the new changes


So when I publish something in the code the text is 100 size but when I publish it, it's huge:0


Something I noticed right from the start: I opened the beta app. My iPad was in landscape positioning. The app opened in portrait mode, though.


I experienced that too :0
I like it though, but it would be helpful for it to go in both ways :D


OMG! Round, absolute value, and modulo!!!! :smiley: :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Another bug:

Weird block colors. Didn't do anything special...


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Off topic

nice food you made there


hold down dem characters til da screen turns white
keep holding til you read the SECRET SECRET! message.


Nice! :3

Love the photos! :D


This beta has definitely gotten a lot more improvements! Can we still have the landscape layout though? It's kinda hard to code upright on an iPad.

Also, could the previews show more of the project instead of a tiny fraction of it? And deleting blocks is a real toughy. :frowning: