New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)


I didn't either. If it's what we were told, at least. The videos are still in the profile.


I just got the notification a few minutes ago. Takes a bit to load for some people, I guess.


Did Hopscotch update? My school district doesn't allow updates anymore to any app. I am doomed!


There hasn't been a new update out yet but this is a new beta (testing an update before it is released to the App Store :smiley:)


I tried making a clone of a text object. I set the text for that clone to something else, I set the position and the color to something else. However, when I made a clone of this clone, set the text, color and position for it, it didn't work.

Is it not supposed to work?


I got the new beta update and everything is so....different .........


Ok, here's what I think:
Notifications and favorites don't really fit in on iPhones, and the channels shouldn't just be the magnifying glass, it might confuse new people.


That's is the problem they are trying to fix.


@Liza With the new TestFlight update (Hopscotch Version 37, Player Version cb43565), projects that I made in the previous version of the TestFlight open as blank and are entirely deleted after exiting the project. Was this intended? It seems to be ok with projects that were created with previous production versions.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? @Valgo


This hasn't happened to me... I'm guessing it's not intended.


@Liza, it seems that in the new beta, my super fast method of creating clones is broken. I can link you to my tutorial on how to recreate the code if you want. The method is supposed to create hundreds of clones in a second, each with a unique ID. It creates the clones in the new beta, but lots of them get the same ID.

Edit: I just tried this in the new beta (I was one behind), and it works. You can just ignore this post @Liza :slight_smile:


That needs to be fixed. Hehe.


@valgo, It works for me with the newest beta version

I drew a super fast fast gradient BG like this, which seemed to work fine


@ThinBuffalo, you're right. I forgot I was a beta version behind, so I updated. I tested the method and it worked. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Just going to say @Liza, I can't use my subscription perks while in the beta. I want to make something with images, so I'm going to revert to the normal app.

Edit: Nevermind, just realized that my subscription expired a few weeks ago XD


@Liza @awesomeonion

I don't recall seeing an announcement of the most recent beta (not the topic titled 5/19 version, but the 3rd beta since the last production version. Hopscotch Version 37, Player Version cb43565)

It would be helpful to us (who are just trying to help you) to know what THT thinks they fixed or what was changed in a given version.

Is the most recent beta (~6/17/17) did you stick with the reversion to the iOS player? I assume so as some of the fixes that went into the js/web player are still missing. Is that still your plan moving forward?

  • Looks like the problems with self have been fixed :white_check_mark:
  • The completely spurious bumps causing execution to essentially stop have been fixed​:white_check_mark:

Here's the issues I've noted with the latest beta (Hopscotch Version 37, Player Version cb43565)

  • The "slow start / faster restart bug" needs to be addressed. Link to topic
  • FPS drops significantly with a few hundred clones and a When Bumps rule

I created a 20 x 20 matrix of 400 clones using the "fast clones" technique. This works as expected & the FPS is at 60. No issue there.

Then I added a When Bumps rule

And the FPS drops to 17 (with no bumps occurring)

  • Simultaneous bumps still produce spurious results

In the same project as previously described, when the square is repositioned to bump multiple circles, here are the results:

  • The Turn degrees block doesn't work
  • I have a beta project that still creates the Whomp bug. See Sprite Test in my drafts. It did not Whomp until I added Text 7 which continually sets its text to display an iPad variable

(I will continue to update this post as I encounter additional issues)

Set Text causes "Whomp"

Thanks, all, for these helpful updates and apologies for the inconsistent updates. We are hugely appreciative of all of your help, and are taking your findings into consideration!!

We just shipped the Version 39 to the App Store, and hope it will be ready for release tomorrow. Major updates and changes:

  • Simplified navigation: things relating to you (your drafts, your published projects, your notifications, and your favorites) all live on your profile. From the navigation bar, you can go to your profile, the create tab, and the community. The create tab offers the option to create from a blank project or with video tutorials. We added a new screen that we hope makes understanding the types of tutorials we offer more clear.

  • We reverted to the Web Player all functionality you've had in the production app should be unchanged in Version 39 (e.g. problems with self).

We'll post again later about the different issues we've seen with the two versions of the player. This is a thorny problem that is hard to get right!

We're looking into this. Not sure if we'll be able to fix though.

Simultaneous bumps is a product of the way we define objects and I'm not sure we will be able to fix this soon, unfortunately.

We'll look into the issues with Turn and Sprite Test -- hopefully we can addresss these in our next update.

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YAY THANK YOU LIZA lol sorry for bothering you And rodrigo so much about the wait time forgive me :joy::pray:🏼