New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)


I just got the email. Finally. Hehe.


Ok. @Valgo found a bug in this.
That was made in beta.

That was made in the regular app. (Ignore the flickering numbers. That should be fixed with a subtraction by one.)

As you can see, identical code.




Hehehehehehe. Hopefully they'll fix all the glitches.



Er, can you try to do that now so we can fix whatever bugs you find? :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will have more questions tomorrow am here and re: @ThinBuffalo's bugs! Sounds like we missed this the first time around and will give it a good look now.

We really appreciate everyone's help testing this update!!


I think the issue with self references that @valgo articulated also explains the bug examples I gave.

Edit: I take that back. This issue @valgo found does partially explain what I'm seeing but there's also something wrong with global variables.


@Liza Another issue... with bumps

Testing this with a matrix of circle clones:

The circles are created & positioned relatively slowly to avoid the issue with self references to object's variables all reflecting the same values. This also means the circles aren't touching before they're repositioned.

It works as expected up to 16 circles (15 clones). After that, spurious bumps start occurring & the fps slows almost to a stop after the quantity shown below.

(creation order was left to right, starting at the lower left and increasing rows)


Thanks, @ThinBuffalo!


I will email you guys for the redemption code for the new beta.



I'm just wondering, how is "collision" rule on hopscotch going? (Laggy) I believe that some bug causes a delay. When two or more objects are near each other, the check detections of a collision occupy to much time and cause lag.


@Liza Any ETA for when Self variables will be fixed?


I have a question, what is the difference between when bumped and when touched? Is it the same deal with when tapped and when pressed(where it means if you hold down? Or in this case, stay in contact with the object?)


That's a great question!

  • 'Bumps' is triggered the first time when objects come into contact
  • 'Is Touching' runs the whole time while objects are in contact

I think it is what you described :smiley: yeah with Tapped and Pressed

  • Tapped is triggered the first time your finger touches an object
  • Pressed runs the whole time while your finger is in contact with the screen


In the beta version? We spent this week doing UI changes and will probably release a testlight update with these changes tomorrow. We're going to return to self fixes next week - so maybe another week?

Curious for what you guys will think of the UI! Spoiler: videos are no longer on your profile!


Looking forward to the new update!


@Liza, I just downloaded the new version of the beta. It looks like self variables are still broken in the same way that they were before the update.

Edit: Nevermind about self not working, I think it was because I was testing it in a project made during the beta where self did not work.


Is there a new version? I didn't get it on my TestFlight app yet.


I did. Maybe it was put out by mistake, or you just didn't get it.