New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)


Thanks, @awesomeonion, for the explanation. I suspected that the player had been rolled back but couldn't guess at why that may have been.

So trade offs, in the form of unorganized random thoughts...

Personally, I only use Hopscotch and the forum from mobile devices that have Hopscotch installed. So I prefer project links to open in the app. Though, the business incentive is obvious enough for a high quality web player. How the app player works isn't so revelant to me as how well it works.

The Whomp bug was never too big of a headache for me. Just press edit / play again...

Loosing numerous bug fixes would be unfortunate, but recoverable if you're willing to make the investment.

Would the player used be based on the project version? Regression without re-fixing the bugs would likely cause some published projects not to work right.

Personally, I would like to see the focus be on providing a bug free, high performance (i.e. low lag), high integrity (i.e. no data loss) app in whatever direction that takes you.


I think you should focus on the iOS player. It's hard to make good projects with a laggy and buggy player. Changing the player back might not be great for people using the web player, but most people playing projects will probably use the app, as well as people actually making projects. There have been a lot of complaints about the player being laggy and broken, causing people to quit.




@Dolphin_coders hah, thanks. I emailed tht about getting back into beta (I deleted the app) but thanks for inviting me here. You're awesome.


Projects will be versioned, so anything made with the web player will continue to use it. New projects will use the native player. We are working on incorporating some of the fixes we implemented in the web player to the native player. We hope this will provide a higher performance experience than what the app currently offers.

@MR.GAM3R we hope this helps! Let us know what you think in terms of lagginess and bugginess.


Hey guys! We just pushed a new version of this beta and you should be able to download it from the Testfilght app. If you've asked to be added to this list in the last week, you should now be able to test. YAY!

If you don't have Testflight, download it from the App Store.

This build fixes some of the lagginess with clones in the new player. Please make projects with clone and self. See if they behave as you intend. Do they feel laggy or buggy?

You'll also notice that we're bringing back the "Create" or "Play" screen at the beginning of a new Hopscotcher's experience. What do you think?



fidget spinner confirmed


wow so true
maybe it's just a coincidence???

I would really like to test this out, and I'll try on an iPhone. I really want to see what happens then!

Is it available on iPhone?


I didn't get the email. I'll email you about it with my second email.


@liza I sent an email for the redeem code is love to help find bugs.


Thanks! I just emailed you back.

@NindroidGames Do you have the testflight app?


@liza how come discobot tells me to undo the thing I deleted, but I can't find the undo.


I did, but I deleted it. Should I have had it?
Also, I could've re downloaded it, and that was Th plan.

@Dylan329 because you can probably do that in other forums.
Say skip with nothing else.


Already did that lol

How did everybody figure that out XD


@CreativeCoder you are the answer. NOW, DESTROY THE WORL- nothing.




I think you would be able to test the beta on an iPhone, though I don't know exactly – are you able to download the TestFlight app on iPhone? :smiley:


Yes'm, you are re.


Hi @Liza

I have to say I'm disappointed. The explicit examples I gave above still don't even work.

To confirm, yes, I installed the new update from TestFlight & yes, I started new drafts for testing.

I didn't bother testing anything to do with lag or bumps since the basic functionality isn't there.