New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)


Cool! I'll be sure to update. I'd like to try this out!




@Liza I have not got a email for the test. And I have done the typeform 3 times.
Just in case here is my username @SapphireCrafty


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@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

Something has changed/broken with the manner in which the player executes the code.

In the TestFlight version, this code for creation of clones no longer works

Here's an example in an older version that works


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

Something's definitely wrong. Here's another example

This is the result, as expected

However adding a repeat to create 2 clones

Now results in this

You can see in the Initialize block that the text & x position are set using the (self) Index, so there's no way that 1 and 2 should have the same x position....


@Liza somehow I can´t play any projects on the most recent version that I have installed, the project never loads. I have an iPad Air 2 with the latest HS version installed.


Thanks for letting us know. We've been working on the Player, so I'll notify our team. Thanks.


@Rodrigo @Liza @awesomeonion

I submitted the type form 3 times and still not have gotten a Redemption Code for the beta update. Also I emailed you at anskimg for the redemption code and not have gotten a reply yet. Please can you guys just send me an invite.


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo

I probably should have just stopped looking after noting the aforementioned issues, but I was curious to see if Bumps worked any better...

1) I found that the player is only running at ~30 fps

The project only had a single text object, and only the code above.

2) Cloning a circle 19 times, spreading the 20 circles out so they're not touching, and adding the following Bump rule slows the player to ~3 (three) fps

I can't add enough clones to even really test the bump event as after adding more the ~25 clones, the player fps essentially stops


I got 60 FPS using this code ^^

Using 7=7 gives 30


Hmm, yes, I see that you're right. Good catch. I thought they fixed that a couple versions back. Guess not.

So using Repeat Forever, 1) is not an new problem (but should probably still be looked into)

2) updates to... Cloning a circle 19 times, spreading the 20 circles out so they're not touching, and adding the following Bump rule slows the player to ~5 (five) fps


Thanks so much, @ThinBuffalo! I ran into the same issue. I found it starts slowing significantly at 12 clones and is basically unusable by 15. Appreciate your help!

@SapphireCrafty So sorry about this! We'll get you set up today.

Thanks all!


@Liza Old drafts don't always load in the new beta.


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo
Bugs that were previously fix have been reintroduced in the beta.

1) 7=7 executes at a slower rate than Repeat Forever

2) Modulo is rounding non-integers before the calculation

I'd pointed both of these out previously & both had been fixed (I'm certain modulo was fixed and I'm certain 7=7 was advertised as being fixed, though I don't explicitly recall testing it), but both issues have returned in the beta.

Fantastic Modulo(s?) and how to use It(them?)

Thanks for all this @ThinBuffalo. This beta is actually switching from the
web/javascript version of the Hopscotch player back to the iOS version.
There are some problems with using a web view in the app that are somewhat
out of our control so we are considering rolling it back. Of course, many
of the fixes we have done in the last couple months haven't made it into
this version.

I'm very curious what you think of those trade offs. With this new (old)
version of the player we'll get rid of the "Whomp!" bug but may regress on
some other things as you have noted. The web version will also no longer
work quite as well. In your mind, is it worth it?