New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)


Hey beta testers!

Say goodbye to that annoying spinner—we’re releasing an update that banishes it (in new project)! Sayonara :stuck_out_tongue:

This update involved a pretty major change to our player, and we’d love your help making sure that everything works as intended.

Can you help us try to break this update? Here’s how:

  • Create new drafts in the Testlfight app
  • Use self in variables and traits, and try different things with these variables and traits like setting text to them, using them in math, colors, if statements, etc
  • Use self in math functions
  • Use self in whens (especially when self is tapped or bumps another character)
  • Do all the above this time with CLONES! Check that things are happening as you expect.
  • Open up an old project (made before October) and see if it still works and that the editor looks right

Tl;dr: Make complex projects that use self. See if they work as intended. If they don’t, try to make the same weird thing happen again, then share the project link with us so we can fix it.

To get the update, open your Testflight app. Next to Hopscotch it should say "Update":

(Mine says open becuase I already updated :p)

Note that this update doesn’t fix the growing drafts bug but should addresss other issues that cause lag.

If you would like to beta test but have not signed up, please email

Thanks for your help!!




Is that issue still on the table to be fixed in a future update, hopefully soon?

It really renders other performance updates almost moot since after working on a specific draft for just a few days, the editor is essentially unusable with that draft (unless a Hop is able to fix their json files, which most will not be able to)


TYSM I am updating alredy!


What annoying spinner?


Yah, it's a really frustrating bug. The problem way more intensive than we initially though and may require some big rewrites. We're going to continue to try to refine our understanding of it while also tackling some of the other problems that have similarly consequential effects on Hopscotchers.


The spinning wheel that spins in your drafts


? Please explain, someone lol


This means goodbye in Japanese right?


Yeah, but what is



Awesome! I will update my app later today and test it out.


The loading indicator when you try to open a project. @Gobli09


It's the loading sign


Yep that is correct :smiley:


Welp...I don't have my iPad with me for the next two days updates on iPhone


What annoying spinner?


Um, okay? I haven't seen that, though.


I'm not allowed to get TestFlight, so can I just test the regular hopscotch?


What's beta tester?


A beta tester is someone who tests new features of an app, game, or website (in this case an app) before the features get released to the public.