New Halloween Profile Pic Contest!


I really need a new Halloween profile pic

My one that I have now will become my background. Yeah so.

Winner info

First of all there will only be five winners. I also need someone to help handout prizes and edit and choose the prizes. @KVJ will you do it? Also it can be a picture or a drawing. Doesn't matter but, I mostly want digital drawing.


Can I join I am new and this is my first post?


May I please have a description of your look so I can draw it? :DD


Welcome. I'm not sure your profile gif is entirely appropriate :0
Tag me anytime you want help!

@Puppylulu sure!


Finished looked at your earlier posts and saw the selfie you took with your face blocked out! Your hair is brown sorry I am bad at curls so here!


Here she is I downloaded I the picture so I could look at it


Here! I'm done! :DD


OMG SO CUTE!!!!!! Thanks you so much for drawing it!


Ur welcome :DDD

I just decided to enter for fun! XD


Wow you must have scrolled down far to get that pic


Anybody join please!




@KVJ @EnchantedHopscotcher @Sweetlina and @iWatermelon, you all liked it at the same time!



Noooooooo..... my iPad is glitchy so sad


@Puppylulu I drew a zombie dog, it's kinda bad but cute... it'll never win X(D


@EnchantedHopscotcher you win!


Second place for you!!! Great job


Thanks so much! :DD


@Puppylulu woah woah woah that's messed up! Mine is so horrible I don't deserve second X(D
but thanks


Also, could you please give me credit in your bio? Thanks. :DD