New Gravatar pic! (Not a contest)


I like the one I've got. But I feel like I want a new one. I like dogs and DEFINATLY anime. I mean, I like dogs more but I like anime as a gravatar. Favourite colour is Aqua. That's pretty much it. Any questions, I'll answer. Thanks! And you can draw it, code it, or search!


Mabye something like this. But not this.


Maybe something like this


No it was a girl with brown hair and a little sidekick puppy


Wat! @LotsaPizza hasn't posted anything here! Why did it say you replied to her! WHAT!


She deleted her post. :wink:


Here's one! :D


:0. I thought so... But. But @LotsaPizza what was wrong...:cry: Is everything ok?


Here's another one! :D


XD! Love it!!!



Hmm... Super super cute. But. I feel like I need anime. SOO CUUUTTEEE (thx for trying! I feel mean say no to it!)


Sorry guys. You tried but there wasn't any that went BOOM at me! I'll find one. If you give me your hopscotch names I'll follow you. Sorry.


You don't have to follow me it's was something that I'm happy to do. :innocent:


NO I MUSSTT!!!!!!! .__. Sorry


Oh great. I already do. ;_;