New Glitch? Have a look!


So, I was working on this impossible quiz and I accidentally double clicked a text object to change it. I tapped done and nothing happened I hit done and cancel over and over and nothing happened. I had to restart my Hopscotch this is really annoying.


That happens to me sometimes too, I think it's when you have text, then delete it. Hopefully it wasn't too much of a problem!:wink:


I don't want to create a whole topic about this

But have you guys had the problem where you try to change something to light grey and it doesn't work? Or even when you are still in the code the object is grey? Instead of black when your still in SEE CODE?


YES I had a grey triangle in the edit and it was weird


It's just a glitch, but hopefully it's not too bad. I already emailed THT about the glitch, and they said they are working on it! :wink:


Yah! I always have grey circles or they don't change the color to grey when it's playing and it's weird!!!


Oh, ok! I usually just try to avoid that one