New glitch/bug found!



This topic contains no screenshots due to the fact that my iPad's power button got stuck a few years ago, so I'll try my best to explain it the best I can.

I found a bug!

It involves one of the shapes and the set colour block.

You know that the set colour block will set any of the shape's colour. But one of the shapes doesn't work.

Warning: Spoiler

I was making a TIE Fighter aircraft in Hopscotch,I used rectangles for the vertical stabilizers, and for some reason, it doesn't change into the colour I wanted!!! I used the set colour block and made it turn grey, but the rectangle won't turn into grey at all!

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Is this a bug? if it is, can you fix it? I have sent a email to you guys. I made this topic to further emphasize on it.


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It also happens with me. Light-grey don't work with any of the shapes. I was making a Hidden Objects game and this happened, so I chose another color...


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HI @comicvillestudios!
Sorry about your home button I found a article on with steps to physically fix your home button (you only need nail polish remover
Warning: this is not recommended by Apple and it could damage your iPad's screen so only use this trick if you are brave to have a broken iPad
But if you do succeed your iPad will have a good home button

(This trick is using a iPhone as a example)


Also, I had Star

When the play button is tapped
Set Color (color)
Repeat Forever
Create a clone of this character

And the star waited about 5 seconds then changed color


Oh yes! I have that, A while ago I emailed the Hopscotch Team and they are going to get it fixed


Thanks @Gabe_N , but it's not the home button, it the power button, you know, the one you press and hold to switch off the iPad....


Oh I'll find something about that