New Geometry Dash Starter Template by Zachyswag:P


I spent quite some time on this and it should help out a new lot of people. Inside the code are custom blocks that are named to guide the user! I hope it makes it into the new Starter category, and you know, Maybe featured. :3

So here’s the link:



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For new projects, you should tag the POMTL instead.


Oh sorry I just came back the other day lol


Wow lol someone already claimed that they made the template that I literally just made, which actually makes me pretty mad considering they almost have as many views as me.


Then again why should I care??


This is really cool and it would be great if we had this project on the Starter Projects tab. I will tag @t1_hopscotch, she have uploaded projects there.


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@t1_hopscotch is online...
Senpai pls notice me :3


Oooh wow this is lovely of you!! Thank you so much for this :smile: I will definitely check it out once I get onto the app again.


TYSM t1! The code is simple to read and is completely new user friendly.


Wow just saw — I love how you put the abilities as comments in the code!! :open_mouth: