New game YAY whoop wooo


So I just made a new game that took me weeks to make.So could you plz take some of your time to play my game.If you can thank you.This is it


Thats so good except for the last question there is only one answer which is wrong.


Yea the last problem only has one answer, and it is wrong...


Here is the improvement


@Stick88 @Awesome_giraffe


One thing: @Kiwicute2016 invented the smooth background, not MagmaPOP.

The last question has only one answer which is wrong. You should delete that slightly insulting question. Actually, I played v2.0 and it's still insulting and some people may not think it's weird but want to choose no. You should just change "No thats weird" to "No".

The quiz still continues if you get a question wrong.


Wait, that was four things.

Other than that, it's cool!


Ok I'm not that good at coding​:tired_face:


Nope! MP invented it! :D


Yay I was right.I deleted the thing coz I felt bad!


Is it me or does .#Ididit sound like—yea...


No I think you have a bad mind