New Game! "The Line"- In Progress!


Hey! I'm making a new game!

Here's a picture!

The whole purpose of it is that it's so simple that it's addicting!

You tap the circle, and it will glide up the line!

It will glide up to a random Y position.

The high score and total score are pretty self explanatory!

I'm gonna add a shop, but I don't know what to put into it!

I need suggestions for the shop, and the game as a whole! :D


Awesome! Sounds fun!


Still don't quite get it... :1
No offense, but could you explain this a bit more?


Also, anyone have any background ideas? It looks too bland.

Or, you could buy cool backgrounds! :D


You tap the circle.

It moves up, and however high it moves gives you that amount of points. :D

Points will be set to buy things.


Having a choice of backgrounds would be great! And you could buy them with points, maybe? Or even have a choice of solid backgrounds or smooth backgrounds?


Definitely a great idea!!! :D


It looks really unfinished, to me.

What can I do to make it look more "professional"? :D


Maybe add a border and/or a watermark kind of thing, like made by Gilbert189?


Maybe in the shop offer different colors or patterns for the circle.


If you stop tapping, it could go down, and you could lose points!


I made some progress! :D

@Kiwicute2016, can you explain a little more? Thanks! :D


I was going to make one but I gave up! I am to lazy!


Maybe the game is a little bit confusing.

How do you lose?


You don't lose!

It's an endless tapper.

I'm hoping to make it addicting! :D

You save up points, which you use to buy power ups and stuff! :D


Ah. Ok. Then scratch my idea :joy:


It looks good, but blue is really cliche. Try a different colour, and see how it goes


I'm experimenting with colors.

What colors should I do? :D


You have pastels, dark colours, contrasty colours that look good together (light dark blue, orange, and cream)...