New Game! Testers or Help?


Hello everyone! I'm going to work on a little 3D game called PixelShooter. It will hopefully be fun, and a lot of work will be put into it. Also, would anyone like to work with me and help with beta? I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


Thanks! But one thing. I'm VERY new to Hopscotch Forums and what do you mean by 'link' Sorry.


When you play a project you published tap the 3 dots at the top left
Click share and copy link then paste the link here.


Ok thanks! I'm working on stage 1 and it will be done in like 5 mins. Stay tuned for the link. :slightly_smiling:


Here you go! Please when your done, publish, copy the link, reply this conversation WITH the link, then unpublish so you can work on it. Remember, that's when you think you have done heaps. Though all I want is for us to design the character first,



Can I help? :slightly_smiling: I really like this idea!


@Isaacwotwot Sure! Just use the same link. Can you all please post back your edited versions of my game. I would like to see your ideas! :slightly_smiling:


Can I help? (20 characters)


May I help by testing? :smile::smile::smile:


Everyone can help just use the same link I previously posted please. :slightly_smiling:


And would everyone please follow me so I can send projects to you (I think)


I did. (20 characters)


@CodingPhoenixTM I would like to sign up as a beta tester.


Can I help beta test? :grin: I'm good at graphics.


PixelShooter menu screen


Maybe you can make it a little bit different than in our other collab! :grinning:


The rage game collab if so it is going to be different I'm changing the menu screen.


For the rage game? :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


nothing nevermind (20 characters)


Ok, whatever then! :sweat_smile: