New game: Stickman Football!


Hi everyone! I am going to make a game called stickman football. In fact im working on it right now! Can you guys plz give me some suggestions on gameplay? Thx!:slightly_smiling:


Hey! Well i woul use /'s for the leg and 0 or o for the head! This game will be great can you notify me when done and give me a link sounds like a awesome game! And you do not half to use my suggestions!


Oh and welcome to the forum!


Thx! Instead of using slashes, I used blocks. I will be putting out my first version soon!


Which type of Football? :grinning:


American. Sorry I will also make a soccer/European football later, ut I felt like starting onthis


Ok. Make randomly moving stickmen that block the stickman you're controlling


Ok then LightningStrike. Thx for suggestion


Hi. Im pretty sure you know wut type of football JDJDJMSMMS


Sorry that sounded mean. I meant you probably know now right?


Yeah. I did. No offense taken. :smile:


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