New #game: SPINBOAT



Hi all, just finished my second game on Hopscotch! It's another challenging one-button arcade game. Let me know what you think!


Such good idea

much wow


I cannot view it, as I am on a computer. :(

But I am sure it is awesome! :D



Web player

im on a pc to.....


Sadly just like my last game it doesn't really work in the browser =/

Haven't tried it on iPad yet... made it on iPhone. At least I can say it works there!


Actually, can see it!

I love it! It is epically awesome*!

*it is so good it is bad. XD

Not to be offending or anything. :slight_smile:


I saw this earlier, it's amazing! It's a really original idea! :D


That's awesome! Are you a adult? Cool!


Oh, by the way, your website is sharing personal info.

I hope you know this.


He's an adult, and is also pretty known. It's okay. :slight_smile:


Wow, so good!

Your an awesome coder!


Wait, you helped make draw something?


Yes it's true... many years ago!


This is SO cool! Is it really only your second game here, you adjusted to HS fast? It's so creative. What's your username, I'm gonna follow you.


Such a good idea! Can't believe you made that on iPhone, it's so hard on smol screen ಠ_ಠ


Just saying iPhone style coding is coming to iPad, soon. :sob::confounded::scream:


Same as on here, it's Montoya :slight_smile: