New game: Space fall



I just published my new game Space fall.
What do you think about it? Can I get some response.

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Ummm, totally forgot about it. I edited in one.


Ok (Criticism)

First of all, the game is much like other ones but
The obstacles are going up!
I like that. It's original.
Since there's no up or down in space, that's really cool.
Also, the character you're moving is creepy lol
I suggest moving the eyes so that it looks nice.


Ok, thanks. I like when people say what they really think and don't just say like, this game is sooo good.
I know it's like other games, got the idea from a friend. I tried to make it more original by making it getting harder after a while.


You should make something to collect, like space coins or something.

Also, you should have limited power, so collecting space coins will give you more power or help you buy more power.

Then the game would be to travel the furthest distance without getting destroyed or out of fuel! That'd make your game veery feature worthy.

The game is great, and adding little bit more to it would make it incredible!


Thank you so much for the ideas. I'll try to add more.


Awesome! The game is turning out spectacular!


I thought this was a great game.
If you were to add anything, I would suggest a way to earn back lives. Especially when the game gets harder, it would be nice to be able to catch hearts or something to get the lives back. If you don't want to do that, you could make some sort of coins, and whenever you catch a certain number of coins, you get another life.


I'll try to add more things later, right now I started on a math game. You'll answer math questions. It's like a math simulator.


The game is a great game! I'd recommend what the others said.


Wow! I like the movement, the concept - everything. It is awesome and feature worthy!


Thank you!


Nice game, @BB-Box! The project crashes whenever you move your character to the right edge of the screen.


Thanks for the featured. I'm both happy and sad. But anyways, featured isn't bad. I would just like to get a verision 2.0 to get featured instead.
And also, no one nominated it.


Congratulations for the featured! You deserve it! I am excited for the 2.0 version too, it might also get featured.


Maybe, but I don't think so, I've not really seen two verisions of same project at featured.


Also, no one nominated it for featured and it got there anyways. Weird




Yeah. Great game! "Spectacular!"

I really wish I could have a 2.0 for my sword game. It's a necessity!