New Game - Sneak Peak! 😮



Sneakpeak at my new game! :open_mouth:


Broken down:

  • Incooperates shapes from Version: 2.16.0 (newest update).
  • Advanced graphics/design.
  • Makes you think! :yum:
  • Strategic.
  • Takes longer than most games to beat.

Directions/Info (may change before beta):

(Jk! Directions are a secret! Find out yourself :yum:)

Any ideas?


Amazing! Can I be a beta tester?? It looks super cool!!


@LotsaPizza Thanks! Sure, you can help! What would you like to help with? How should I send it to you?


Maybe you can either publish a preview or put down the link?? I'm not that sure, @Qubertion, but you choose.


You can copy a link of your project and then give it to @LotsaPizza through a reply.


Hope this helps. I can help test if you like.


@SlipperySalamander thanks! That's a smart idea :wink:


Mhm... I'm a little confused about how I should reply the link to you guys. Where do I get the link?


Click on the copy button that looks like a chain. That way, you can copy and paste the link onto here!


That's not what I meant. First, you have to publish the project. (Don't worry, you can unpublish it later) Next, press the three dots at the top.

Now, there should be five options, press the option, Share.

Again, there should be five more options. This time press, Copy Link.
Now, you can paste the link in a reply. You may unpublish it if you like. If this doesn't work, try again and don't unpublish the project. Hope this helps @Qubertion and @LotsaPizza.


Ahh thanks! :relaxed:


No problem, hope it helps. :wink:


can i be a tester too?


I'm planning to make it in Beta first... and then while I work on an extended version, you guys can help.


Did you try using pure black instead of the hopscotch black? You would have to use HSB(0,0,0). Hopscotch team made a video how to use HSB colors! @Qubertion


When you add the symbol by its self, It turns out completely black. I used the new color block to make it the 'Hopscotch' black... I guess.


Ok guys... I'll be releasing the Beta soon (for you guys to test) with 2 levels. The full version will have 5 :grinning:. Hopefully the beta will be done Tuesday!