New game: Run! (Feedback please)


I just made a new game, and I would like some feedback on it! :D
Reply with some constructive criticism please!
I know it's a bit laggy. :D


Cant like D: but its cool! Its a lot like Movement (by @corvus or @GysvANDRegulus)! I like it! Its a little easy though, maybe you want to add more characters?


I'll do that in update three! Here is update two:
Added: Music. :D


Update three!
Added: New characters, harder, you can win!



this is an amazing game, and I love how the square changes colors based on Where he is on the screen, and it is fun to play! What you can work on is after the cycle and rectangle come in, they just stop, so I suggest having them keep moving.

Also, after you get rid of the mad guy, you have to wait a while before the other ones dissapear, and I was waiting for a long time, with no "win" screen.


The second guy that comes in doesn't follow, it just goes to the side of the screen and then goes to the corner. Notice it in the top right corner? After that happened, the mad guy disappeared and nothing else happened. No win screen.

The game is cool though.


Well, you have to wait a bit, and then two more guys come in. :D

I'll publish Version 4 tomorrow. :D


Yay, it's on trending! :D


No it's not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay, it's on Featured!


Really? I had no idea!