New game out please check it out!



That's my new game it took me hours so please check it out and wright a review thanks​:smile:!


That is really good! I will nominate it for featured!!




So good let me nominate it for Feturead


Cool! (But it's hard for me cause I'm on computor XP)


me too!!!


Great game!


Cool game, must have taken a long time to make!


Awesome game! I couldn't get past collecting 1 dot, the AI bot kept eating me because I was too slow to move! The controls are a bit difficult to use but I probably just need to practice more. Well, it means everything worked properly:)


Oh I saw you publish that! I was the first liker! Great job!


I'll make an easier version to play with arrows in one place like a D-pad to move the circle it will be easier to play!


There's a new version out called GERM 2.0 and it uses a D-pad to move