New Game! Need music!


So. I'm coding a new game. It will be.... Cheese-it Simulator! Which cheese is ready? Here is a few screen shots. Title Screen:

Other Screen:

Anyone wanna do music for it? I'm thinking panic music because it's gonna be crazy for some. And I also need spy music. So two people can do that please! If you want to just tell me below


Hmm please get rid of that pic it shows you!


Ok I did. But it looked hilarious.


Just so you know, Cheese-it, as in the food brand, is spelt Cheez-it, I think. But this sounds amazing! I'm entering my "Random Tune 1.0!"(search for it, my username is tankt2016)!


I only found 2.0 would that work?


I would get rid of that...cheesy background :upside_down: it hurts my eyes...


Can I do it I want to


I can do music! (20202020)